Who I am

Hi, I’m CJ. And this is the brief story of RaneRaps AKA Mr. Hot Jam!

RaneRaps was born out of my passion for music, generated by an affinity to artists such as Prince and OutKast as well as taking up instruments like the flute and bass as a kid. As I grew into my musical persona and gained a better understanding of what it means to be a hobbyist and a career musician, I committed 100% to making a living from my passion. And in the process, utilize my academic and professional know how to branch out into specific business niches that would best serve the People and the Planet.

The voids that plague the music industry today are the same voids that plagued the industry when I began to create music in 2008. The industry suffers from a lack of:

  • Showmanship – hip-hop live show experiences are trending towards the artist performing over their own vocals for the entire set
  • Generational Musicality – Bridging new and old sounds is often contrived and lacking authenticity

As RaneRaps, I set out to follow in the footsteps of entertainers like Prince & Rick James, who delivered an emotional push and pull coupled with theatrics that quite literally lit up the stage. It’s the pairing of the tangibles and intangibles that create unforgettable moments and present-living – read: bliss. Furthermore, I don’t make RapSoulFunk to tug at the heart of an older generation and seem in the know or wise beyond my years. I do it because this the music I grew up on, the cadence I walk to, and the way I see the world. The gold boots have a reason. The flashy jumpsuits have a reason. And so on.

Making Headlines

Along my journey to a full-time career musician, I’ve managed to secure a few noteworthy accomplishments that have brought increased attention to my art.

To name a few, I was…

  • Featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist twice, for my two singles Sinner and All My Worries
  • A featured artist for SXSW 2019 and played 4 shows
  • Featured on BBC 1Xtra twice for two singles, Need No Drugs & Work Out

What's Next?

Going forward, I will continue down my musical path of unabashed honesty, funky grooves, and witty anecdotes of self-betterment. Ultimately, I envision myself with as many Grammy’s as I have mission-based organizations.

And that is about me.