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Unbridled charisma, infectious hooks, and witty wordplay define LA-based showman, RaneRaps AKA Mr. Hot Jam. And his musical style RapSoulFunk draws comparisons to Prince and André 3000. Wielding an exuberant stage presence, fashion sense, and catalogue, he guarantees his live show is the Greatest Show on Earth. Bring the funk back with RaneRaps!


Unbridled charisma, infectious hooks, and witty wordplay define the Los Angeles based showman, RaneRaps AKA Mr. Hot Jam. And he’s irresistible to the spotlight – especially with a triumphant 2019!

His summer hit Migos” amplified his following in Latin America and Southern & Eastern Europe. Even better, he celebrated the song’s release while playing his first show in the “cradle of jazz”, Kansas City.

In spring 2019, he electrified official SXSW stages. He supported Ric Wilson at the A2IM & Vinyl Me, Please showcases and featured at iStandard’s, Beats & Bars. There, he performed alongside today’s top producers like June James & DECAP.

Highly-coveted placements dominated 2017-18. RaneRaps graced numerous playlists such as Spotify’s Fresh Finds Best of 2017 and Lyrical Lemonade’s Hot 25. The visceral “All My Worries” streamed 244K+ times and 2018’s “Sinnersurged to 1.6M+ plays. Equally important, Olympic snowboarder Stale Sandbech used “Let’s Chill” as the backdrop for his highlight reel!

With press features like VoyageLA, EARMILK, and BBC 1Xtra, RaneRaps’ brand of RapSoulFunk has unearthed a loyal and ever-growing audience.

Consequently, he looks forward to releasing and touring his debut albumPhone In Tyrone Hand in 2020.

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RaneRaps’ oscillating musical styles draw justified comparisons to Prince and Andre 3000... because what you see is just an outward expression of the brilliant world that lives in the music of RaneRaps. In a hip-hop landscape that's grown stale with formulaic presentations and cookie cutter personalities, RaneRaps is not just a breath of fresh air, he's a whole gale force windstorm of it, a dynamic energy that's addressing everyday woes as much as it is celebrating the joy of life itself.

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For the Greatest Live Show on Earth 🌍, please direct all booking inquiries to Steven Contreras (Manager) at booking@raneraps.com​.

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